Saturday, January 1, 2011

VOICE is ALL (Content's Galore)

Creative Non Fiction. 
“He was so eager to be approved, so girlishly anxious to be
approved by  anybody and every­body, without discrimination,
that he was commonly  ready to forsake his . . . convictions
at  a moment’s notice. . . He never acquired a conviction that
could survive a disapproving remark from a cat.”
“A man who carries a cat
 by the tail learns something
he can learn in no other way”
   Re: the little lady who Abe claimed started the civil war:
    [For  the grammatically insecure:  “who” is  correct
     here, subject of the subordinate direct object clause:
                   “who  started the civil war.”]
“Harriet Beecher Stow [dismissed by Hawthorne as one of
“those damned female scribblers”]. . . was a near  neighbor
of  ours in Hartford, with no fences between. . . Her mind
had  decayed, and she was a pathetic figure.
She wandered about all the day long in the care of a  muscular
Irish woman.  Among the colonists of our neighborhood  the
doors always stood open in pleasant weather.
Mrs. Stowe entered them at her own free will,  and as she was
always softly slippered and  generally full of  animal spirits,
she was able to deal in surprises, and she liked to do it.
She would slip up behind a person who was deep in dreams and
musings and fetch a war whoop that would jump that person out
of his  clothes.”
( Of course I wanted to let out the fact that I had some ancestors,
too; but I did not want to pull them out of their graves by the ears,
and I never could seem to get a chance to work them in in a way
that would look sufficiently casual.” )
fetch a war whoop
deal in surprises
and she liked
to do it!
Don’t that signal
who the writer is?

Content is galore.
Need we argue?.
(I wish we could.)

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