Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Fundamentalism

The heart of thinking:  drawing         
       distinctions (differentiating)
The heart of academics: arguing
         them out.
The heart of liberal art: 
relating them

A reduction, yes? Terrible reduction,
of course,  that’s what fundamentalism
is, does. Reduces complexity.
A  violation of the WHOLE.
The damage done when
I reduce!
The crime can go the other way. 
I eclipse the simple, ignore the
generalization  focus on 
Diversity & The
“It’s all relative, Sam,” my students
rightly  scold as clump together &
generalize for convenience sake.
“It’s all related, Sam,” they admonish
as  when I cut & chop & reduce IT
to my haughty bits and pieces.
        See The Problem? 

Damned (damaged and damaging) if I do.
Damned (damaged and damaging) if I don’t.
Damned, damnit.

Put this on my tomb stone. No sense denying.
Or covering-up.  I’m a moving violator &
injustice-doer. Every move I make. Step
I take. Criminal discriminator: my
crimes of composition.  .     
                              Y  trickseter jester jesus joker  hermes etc.
       any X   any  Z
                The binary/dualisti predicament:
                Lost on  the bottom line: caught
               between X & Z so to speak: rocks
              and hard paces, devils and deep blue
                               sees.  Path o' logic... 


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