Sunday, February 6, 2011

Social Networking (But I've Got My Earned Doctorate)

Dear Colleagues on Both Sides of the Desk,

Social Networking

Those of you Face Booking IT: how would you
taxonomize:  classify, categorize, & characterize
the  streaming river of entrees that run through
your HOME?
hey how you doon…  expostulation…yr not
going to believe this… link-sharing music &
political concern: e-bumper-sticker, t-shirt logo
kind of office door declarations where we swap
indignation & identity-tags, team spirit and
representations of our belief and bias systems
and  we can like-it or not, comment  and even
sustain some argument.
see me
hear me
touch me
feed me
like me
is the Message, what ever the media: tokens,
topics, subject object matter. It's always all
about the sender whatever is sent,  how could
it be otherwise. Deny or cover it up as appropriate.  

Some talk of paperless educating here at WWC. 
How 'bout  meeting-less self- administering?
 24/7/365 Meeting-of-Mind going on and on—
finger-tip faculty development via unceasing
hooking up to converse action across the
curriculum: hands across the oceans,
hands across the sees..

Turn on. Tune in. Tone up. It’s a Cerebral &
Affective Gold’s Gym now available: open
membership no matter my  earned degreed
credentials or disciplinary bias ..Hyde Park
& public access free for all parting the Red
Seas & fleeing Egypt. .   
In Europe they call “school”  gymnasium:
“naked training.,”  and  I repeat time and again
for the time being  “school” means “leisure.”
Assess THAT  and make me a leisure-to-
work-program rubric for the SACS people.
Behold: the technology for paperless, meeting-less,
book-less educating  if not edifying is on hand at
hand. Handy  for sure.  
Something blocks, prevenes. Something
(I know not what) prevents this sporting life
from jumping, leaping  paper & meetings and
books & take-yr-guns-to-town- flying-away-
to-massive-carbon-footprint conferences toward
virtual local food-back-for-thought re-cycling our
post-literacy toward neo-oral new age yet unknown
realization. Something there is that doesn’t love at all
--would have it down.
               “But I’ve got my earned doctorate....”

xxxooo, Sam

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