Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dear Paula (Deen)

Dear Paula (Deen)

My mind-set (affect web-of-belief & bias,
prejudice and conviction) is inviolable,
impenetrable, sealed-in tomb womb
protecting my directional navigational
algorithms and will not be CHANGED
lightly. I don’t know how it gets changed.
I can’t change it my own self—no dials
to twist and turn like some homeostat
or I would: twist and tweak me every
day to suit my fancy and the condition
my condition is in. ..

Sure I can change my mind daily in real
time, deciding this and that, voting for
this or that: now for Chevy,. now for
Ford, paper or plastic, taste or calories;
but my frame of mind, mind-set, overall
attitude—my environmentality say—is
unchanged and unchanging. It’s beyond
me and my immediate needs, terms of
desire, and control.
My own safe place is a bubble of oblivion,
salved & salvaging my home land security
systems guarding my  DNA (Directional
Navigational Algorithms from what ever
might under-cut,  demoralize,contradict,
expose &  uncover  the cover-up which
lets me,  clod of unknowing, go about my
busyness despite what ever  kind of
trafficking goes on & on that I might could
be disturbed  by: railing against, standing-
for & letting IT be known I disapprove; count
me in with the disapprovers, it’s safe to say
against the bad guys, stupid, blithering,
confused & ignorant. where there by the
grass of god go I.

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