Thursday, June 27, 2013

FacultyL: Youi Could Have Been a Face Book to me.

Faculty L you could of been a Face Book to me
and I've tried and I've tried and I've tried....

Navigating and trolling Facebook every day my 

wilderness experience, golf, deep-sea fishing, 
expedition up Mt. Kilamanjaro, cross-country
bike-ride for cancer, summer library research

project, inner city intern ship squatting at Walden, 
white-water kayaking the Nantahala, piano practice
minding mindfulness mindfully, yoga, sitting on the
dock of  the bay, world wide social intercourse ;
converse action unavailable  till now--this post-
literate, neo-oral amniotic womb and where I swim
--mixing metaforce in mid stream best I can. 

Ah the humanities at hand.

Scholarship: Face Book My Face Book 
Face it Face Book: you are mySargasso Sea, 
Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, Coming of Age in
Samoa, my field study, laboratorylibrary research
resource and serviceproject: cultural customary, 
and conventional manifestation of the whole, part
and parcel inventory, specimen and sample galore
representing myhuman nature streaming before
me day and night the same yet different stream I
step in any time with hopes and fears of all the years
I will no longer tip toe softly in fear of disturbing the
pieces: cats and dogs and horses and goats and 
graduations and marathons and seascapes and young
children and bromides and platitudes and whole some
advice andpeople saying prayers, and cussing out
conservatives, maligning liberals, chastising Obama,
demonstrating new motorcycles, links to music,
announcements of tea, ongoing reports on

environmental degradation,personal mishaps,
contradictions, injustices all over the place, things going
down hill and yet posters of pious piety & powers 
of  positivism; a field ofdreams and schemes and naked 
lunch—buffet. Local food for all, free for all ye all ye
in free renewable resource of renewable resources
right before my very I.

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