Thursday, June 20, 2013



That I’m always running lean generates all my problems
I would solve if I could put on weight.

Sticks and stones & rice at rhinos; an inexorable progress
of inert momentum: armored vehicles not un-tracked by
tricks of straw;  bones & names do not deter.

I find insurgency appealing: to shoot a spit ball at metal
plate tectonics slowly drifting continental divisions, mere
mosquito bites on the elephantine ass of  hire educated
lumbering beasts of burdens carrying on and on an
ancient forget hell-no attitude.

A small epistemological lie occludes the yawning abyss
between  quantities & qualities like emperors clothes
worn to conceal my  institutionalized butt crack and
not demoralize progress.

In my dreams I market insurgency as equivalent to
“outdoor education”  under fluorescence surrounded
by cinderblock  whenever the seeming  clarity of a
syllabus-driving agenda-covering thesis-dominating
orgasmic on-task ground-gaining taxo-nomic determine
-o-logical grade-gun quiz & examination- levied
ex-officio structure is suspended!

And CHAOS unveiled!
We-the-people players left to our own resources
might  could work  up some common  sense  &
shared estimation,  some civil obedient survival
skills to re-invent our own universes of discourse
if not wheels to re-create recreation  &
a womb of our own!.

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