Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beyond Goodies & Baddies (School Mode)

It feels counter-intuitive to consider
but nevertheless must be acknowledged:
Bad Guys have their own version of
Good Guys & Bad Guys quite contrary
to my own.

Impossible for me, a Good Guy Against
All Bad Guys, to appreciate their foe
dichotomy—like some fish talking about
wet and dry.

It’s one thing to be at war against the
Bad Guys—terrorists, republicans, those
who refuse to recycle. Heroic!

Something else to go up against the Goodies.
Sustainable-ists.. Environ-mental. Good
intentions galore. Tower of Babel builders.

Got to be nuts, ridiculous & offensive. No
allies or solace-tenders if you’re up against
the Goodies. Who’s got your back?

The Game is bigger and perilous once it’s
played against Goodies as well as against
Baddies. Beyond Righteous and The Bastards.
Everyone a stupido and no one without skin
among us. Homeland Security Systems all
around. No words for this. Misanthropologic,

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