Saturday, November 16, 2013

Subverting the Dominant Paradigm

Let's say you wanted at least to nudge 
a Dominant Paradigm  You got to know 
3 ways of talking (languages, say, in a
manner of speaking: 

1) Program Language--
coding the Fundamental  Rules of Grammar 
that inform the whole deal -- paradigms-in-
general and not just the one you are nudging. 

2) Translator Language --coding the dynamics
of transition, some call it transaction specialization
(always a suffering in translation don't you know:
to die for) that bridge or pontificate deep grammar
on the one hand and 

3) The New Promised-Land Language. Savvy in
the Paradigm  & surface grammar on the other

All 3 ways of talking are necessary and insufficient.
No guarantee you can make a dent let alone shift 
a continental convention.   xxxooo, Sisyphus.

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