Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nudging a Dominant Paradigm

Liberal Art (out! out!)

SYLLOGISM.  IF: you are interested in cultivating
systemic awareness –the nature of WHOLES as
distinct from their parts of which they are always
more than the sum and can not be reduced to
partial representation without violence…

THEN: you must from the start eliminate
bad guys/ good guys thinking. You must be
(while operating in this meta-mode)  practicing
Beyond Good & Evil. 

Consider yourself a Jane Goodall, say—loving
and observing your chimps no matter what
 they do. "Ah," you say, "very interesting."

Sacrifice your team spirit and cheer leading
mentality. No rah rah can be tolerated as it
eclipses if not occludes your ability to see
descriptively (aesthetically) & condemns
you to what Mark Twain called
“that damned  moral sense.”

Systemic Change. The problem with The Common Sense
is that it privileges symbolism: signs &  significances that
validate rationality & order & clarity &  consistency &
coherence: reinforcing the status quo, sustaining the
conventions, & culture & customs so that any diabolical
threat and challenge demoralizes and is resisted like anything.

Whiskers quiver on the chinny chin chins of my 3 little pigs,
cherishing the fortification of our brick house, BB Wolf
at the door—huffing and puffing. See what I’m saying?
That can’t sound like a GOOD THING to me and
the piggies.  And yet of course it is.
We know it is.

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