Saturday, May 24, 2014

Liberal Art Uber Alles (Mission Impossible)

Liberal Art Uber Alles  (Mission Impossible)

I succeed in not letting my failure put the quietus on
my efforts—I think I can, I think I can. I think I can,
a little engine that would if not could.  If I could,  that
would be a different deal: success being  a virtue &
validation  no body can deny and so I would fail at
failing as opposed to succeeding at it, in it.  A far far
better thing I do to  succeed at failing.  Evidence of
my grandiosity,  obsession, compulsion against the
mothers of prevention, smores we have with us always..   

Hobble de hoy: the violent bear it away and the  lame
shall enter first. I think I’d rather be a lousy lover loving
it  best  I can than an expert spectator commentating:
Howard Cosell  among the Mohammeds. Howard loves
it too. no doubt.  Analogy isn’t logical. We’re  crazy egos
hungry for love, says Sherwood Anderson.  See me hear
me touch me feed me like me really like me—lame or

"The Living Christ" 

When ever any 2 get together (or 3 or 4) IT’s about
them, whatever the token talk—baseball, feminism,
molecules, gluten, nascar, David Henry Wallace,
6 beers you should avoid drinking, To a High-Toned
Old Christian Woman, immigration, corruption and
greed across the I’ll, veteran misadministration, 
Luthernism & Calvinism, Holy See & Can they Just
Get Along? student debt—makes no never mind-set. 
It’s always all about the talkers talking not about what 
they’re talking about. That would be half-assed.

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