Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Salute Stupid

Salute Stupid (Stunning)

The limit of my knowing isn't a circumference that
may or may not expand (and then decease as it is
doing now--walking on 3 legs), but rather a moving
violation, a  generated by brilliance,  illumination  
that eclipses & occludes the REST beyond with my
exquisite lucid schemes  & sense of possibility &

Like going into a  closet with my flashlight to study
the dark. The more I know, the more I obscure. Not
a linear flat-land limit.  Something else.  I tread and
wherever I tread: there I  am--carrying my Sammy-
Conscious Purpose, Aims, Goals, Measurable Outcomes
and the darkness they  generate  with me.  Hazards of
enlightenment maybe.  How smart covers stupid maybe.
The double bind that blesses and blasts maybe. Can't
pin the tale on the donkey  It’s beyond me. IT, I said.

Ultima Thule

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