Monday, June 2, 2014

Beyond the Goodies and the Weasels

Beyond the Goodies and the Weasels

Einstein says the kind of thinking that
creates the problem can’t be the kind
that solves it.   A toad sitting in a warm
pan won’t jump as  heat rises to boiling
because he has no threshold to tell the
difference. A suburban myth maybe
but wide spread.

I don’t have the threshold to tell me my
kind of thinking  is generating the problem
I aim to fix.  What  kind of different thinking
is conceivable, let alone possible? I think
therefore I am. A continuuuuuuuuummmm. 

Same old same old and any day now:
different results.

That Damned Moral Sense

Good & Evil thinking is the ongoing given.
Willful suspension of good & evil thinking
(while knowing it’s impossible to suspend)
is prerequisite for possibility.  Beyond
Good & Evil thinking: impossible. It’s the
denial and coverup that raises the bozone



  1. Isn't thinking just thinking. Are all standards for rationality gone? What is a philosopher? Does a revelation not require a revelation? Or a savior. Or tablets in stone. A gift. Work with this, sweetheart.

    How does the superman think better? What kind of rationality does he have?

  2. Einstein say the kind of thinking that creates the problems can't be the kind that solves them. Beats me. The only kind I know is the kind I practice. Maybe something like an immaculate conception...