Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Fundamentalism

My Fundamentalism

Homo-phobic, sure. Xenophobic. Misanthropic.
Misogynist. Racist. Solipsist. Narcissist:  some
redundancy in all these ics and ists & it amounts
to fundamental Fear & Hate & welcome to the
First Church of the Crippled & any one can join
once outed & the cover- up's no longer adequate:
leaking limp and lame shall enter first; no  talk
of golf or coming out parties of the debutante
kind;  potluck suppers  and holy smoking prayer
meetings  possibly,  with plenty of coffee 

Hello, I'm  Sam: hate-ist addicted  to fear,  sealed
into my bubble-self for sure—box, cave, culture,
custom, convention, closet —bad listener enthralled
by my pond-image  man in the mirror convinced it's
all you &  you & you & not me I see. .

We can talk.  I'm out, damnit. I'd pretend if I could
get away with it some more time after time longer
covering  up my cripple creek & make nice if it
weren't obvious how much  I fear and so, of course,

My  bad as they used to say. Undeniable.

You got a problem with that too?  Ya'll come  back,
you hear?  crippled, cracked & crazed, stunned &
stunning, pre-requisite for Stupid Club: My
Church of the Hobble-de-Hoy.

Not for every body and you  may not be for
every body either I don't blame you See:

right there—Homo- Phobic. 

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