Friday, June 6, 2014

"Neither Logic Nor Sermons Convince"

“Neither Logic Nor Sermons Convince”
I have made no converts these years though I’ve had extended
even sustained converse-action which I love as much as  playing
piano or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro  
Still and all: no conversions, catalytic, metric, digital to analogue
or vice versa, political, religious, philosophical, no convert to my
way of talking, thinking, seeing.
People have a mind-set of their own  even after my stalwart
efforts to juggle & tweak if not recalibrate their tea- party,
libertarian,  conservative, liberal, independent, radical,
traditional assumptions, controlling metaphors &
rat-a-tattoos marching to different drummers: it
makes no never minding; might as well
throw rice at a rhino
I’ve never been enabled to transform any one into anything contrary
to their bias and  belief systems unless I had a grade-gun to  their
heads & then it’s a matter of compliance  rather than conversion.
so as to take the credit  and run, cerebral  homeostat intact, noetic
configuration same as it always was.
What changes a mind? .
Can’t change my own
to be or not to be: it’s
beyond me. A waste.
Nevertheless I think and talk as if I  could if not shoul

 –no, not should— a terrible notion to change someone’s
minding as if I could help them feel good, make them a
better person, a wholesome human being or what’s
a college for?  Brain wash?
Conversion.  Converse Action.  Wouldn’t I like to talk 

sense into  them tea party-ers,  tip Ann Coulter off her
teeter-totter? Bottle up Bill  O’Reilly and ship him to
Wasilla,  Chris Matthews &  Rachel Maddow:  
lend them my pink Cadillac & let  them go riding
on the freeway  of love.
I could make a real difference  if people would just

talk to me  for a long long  time, I think it’s  going to 
take a long long time,  & we could question 
everything  make the whirl a  better pace.
(O my God’s in the Hands of Angry  Sinners: 

if I thought logic would  convince, I’d be logical rather 
than pathological or pedagogical. ) 


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