Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Women Want

              Free Willy-Nilly
(to a student questioning authority)

Prior to Going To Lunch: Beautiful Pandemonium
on the one hand and  that sterile, consistent and
coherent grid on the other—and I was saying: you
got to know how they are both  equal (random and
order) and yet CHOOSE. 

And you caught me up in contra-diction saying to
CHOOSE  suggests they aren't both equal in value.
One  is preferred to the other.

So I say: there IS no Choice unless the 2 are both
equal in value. If one is from the start preferred to
the other then choice is just window-dressing,
built-in, piece of cake, no-brainer.

Sure, you reach out and grasp the  “chosen” but the
choice is built-in to the opposition. Team spirit. .

If both are considered EQUAL. If good and evil are
 considered  EQUAL. If beautiful and ugly,  ignorance
and knowledge, familiar and alien, taste's great
& fewer  calories are considered EQUAL, then you've
got a Philosophies  Choice to make.

                   To WILL and NILL
              discerning among equals.  
                       Cross Roads.
                   Birth of the blues
              Where Devil  hangs out
                  Choose:  damnit
                  The damage done .

Chaucer's Wyf of Bath tells a tale  about a knight who
raped a maiden and the King  said--”look, I ought
to take your head off right now, but I'll give you a year
to find out
What Women Want, and if you do,  I'll spare you.”

Knight travels here & there for almost  a year, and was
about to quit when someone told him about a hag outside
the village, old, ugly, smelly. “She can  tell you”. 

Hag says, “I'll tell you  (what women want) but
if I'm right you have to promise to marry  me.

Knight says ok—and gets the answer which  King
acknowledges as RIGHT, and let's him go.  

Answer (if you didn't already know)  women want to be
boss,in charge, 
govern,  rule.

“So, Knight,” says the Hag.  “Let me give you a CHOICE:
If you want I can be young and  beautiful but  unfaithful
 as wife.


I can be  old, ugly, and smelly  as I am—but faithful for sure. 


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