Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Epistemological

It’s not Easy Being  Epistemological
I consider myself logical, but I don't think syllogistically..
"Oh, that's logical," I say--because it makes my sense,
suits my agenda, falls into my aims and goals and
measurable outcomes.   

I call  my self reasonable and  rational but don't think in
terms of ratios. "This rock is hard,"  I say ignoring the ratio
relationship  between  butt and rock generating  hardness
like anything. (An emerging phenomena. )

 You're an idiot," I claim."
 My cat's a Sneeze Maker"
-- with no sense of the ratios & rationality involved:
the reciprocity, the back & forth, mutual, co-operative.
Takes 2 to make a 3rd.

My Critical Thinking: Double oh 7  in the service of Affect
and my Frame of Mind-Set.  Subordinate. "You got to serve
some body," said Bob Dylan in his Xtian phase. My logic
and rationality serves my Illogical Irrationality. No doubt.
Bias&Belief system rules.
Prejudice&Conviction .
Homeland  Security Bells & Whistles.
Attitude & Outlook.
Boss.  Master of my Domain.

"Logic is a poor model of cause and effect. I suggest it is the
attempt to deal with life in logical terms and the compulsive
nature of that attempt which produces in us the propensity
for terror when it is even hinted that such a logical approach
might break down. It is as if the tight coherence of the logical
brain even in persons who notoriously think with a great deal
of muddle-headedness, must still be [seen as ] sacrosanct."

         (Gregory Bateson: Mind and Nature: a Necessary Unity.)

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