Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Why are the famous writers often crazy? Question
from Fiction Class. Crazed? Cracked? Glass ceiling 
fragmented into 10,000 fine lines of leisure lesion 
letting in aliens & outside noetic birds of paradise 
flying round looking to roost & brood & don’t they fly 
right by you and me: whole and hale and sealed-in 
against intrusion and any immaculate conception not
by the hairs of my chinny chin chins. But these famous
righters are crack- ups, compulsive, obsessive, bound 
back to some source beyond them god damnit, listening
to the muse as Barbara McClintock said: “I lean in listening
to the corn shoots and that's how I got my Nobel Prize in 
genius in genetics.” Obedience. On the edge, yes? Of 
course they are. Cutting edge for crying out loud. Hurts. 
They suffer it or they don’t. Insurance executives go crazy.
too. And Doctors. Lawyers. Indian Chiefs.

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