Monday, August 18, 2014

It's not Easy Being Epistemological

It’s Not Easy Being Epistemological

Can my Ways of Thinking be “wrong”?
Inappropriate lack of FIT & sustain-ability
to some Larger Whole generating  what
might could be called my ongoing un-hap-y
Ways of  Thinking, My Lady of Perpetual
Nostrum Notions: alma matrix habits whose
seeming internal tautologic wonderfully
seals itself against what don’t agree with it!

How would I know better than I know?
How could I tell my wrong from my right
ratios rationalizing my wrangling warp &
weave, twisting & turning beautifully
depraved self-fulfilling ways my systemic
knowing knows so as to put my finger on
my self, so to speak? Trap me under my
heel! “Aha! Got you now: writhe you
wretched rationalizing rascal! I’ll fix you!”

The signal could come like Terror: knock
knock knocking at heaven’s door.  B.B. Wolf,
bastard! huffing & puffing. the hairs of my
chinny chin chins?  Can I know better than
my butter knowing? Devise some counter-
intuitive distant early warning anti-home
land security system that undermines my
intuition as well as  all that tuition & of
course courses  sealing me up & down my
bubble womb tomb whelm closet  cave culture
convention convenience stores storing my
pre-packaged shrink-wrapped holy smokes &


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