Friday, August 1, 2014


“MONSTER”—from L. monstrum, prodigy, portent, from
Indo European, men1 : to  think. mind,  mental, maenad,
minion, memento, Minerva,  Meno (spirit),   manic,
mantra—all in the monster family & so: related. Relative.
To ad-monish, muster, demonstrate a showing as  in a

monster hit—"monstrance": the container where  the
 “host” is held while serving Catholic Communion.
Monstrous You  bet.
It’s a consolation of philosophy to realize how
impoverished  my explanations, reasons-why,
interpretations, because-&-affects: arbitrary,
 conventional, convenient--omitting impractically
practically every thing in my  necessary but
insufficient account abilities & assess-mentalism
not  even close to monstrous.

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