Monday, September 29, 2014

Abusing My Religion

Kierkegaard’s Knight of Faith Mud thicker than blood &
water, .hubris-humility & humble pie affirming the triumph
of human spirit, it’s depravity  not  so much.  Triumph &
Depravity ratios:  cruise control parameters just getting along,
guiding muscle  like it or not. on  target: my measurable goals
 & objectives.  Thinking  out of the pox of  cultural connotation
& custom  convenience, political correctness & closet  convention;
other wise, honest: Abe never could have put a knife to his son’s
throat. Abba, our  “father of faith.”  (Isaac, laughing all the way.
abracadabra & abba dabba  do: B.B. Wolf’s huffing and puffing

after you.)

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