Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Teaching as a Subversive Activity"

"Teaching as a Subversive Activity"

What everyone needs to acquire at some point in
Learning to Learn,  if not in their lower or higher
 and higher Educational Institutionalization,  is a
 reliable Crap Detector: trust worthy, dependable
beyond Duracell. No mean acquisition—but rather
 an  accomplishment, achievement.  Not an
inheritable trait, can’t be taught ,must be learned.
Drawn-out maybe, educed.   Or call it an emerging
 phenomena:  rising up out of cross-roads contexts
 of conflict, contrariety and excruciation.

“Bullshit” conjures. The word tweaks me like no other itch
coming up from old scratch I bet you five dollars: “Oh, that’s
Just Bullshit!” And it has no thing to do with whether I’m
telling lies or truth.  Not a matter of correct or accurate or
stretching and bending, but something else. Flim flam for the
joy of it. Awesome:  my humbug. Or the opposite: awful. A
double-edged word: bullshit!

Truth & Lies: the duplicitous  bind I’m always in. Bullshit’s
my “3rd term” yin-yanger, mediator, regulator,  negotiator,
messiah, trickster confidence man: bullshit’s neither true nor
false, nor not not false & not not true either:  in-betweener
liminal schemer.  Math people can signify this combo of
negation with steno-precision.  I’m just abusing ordinary

language to try and send the gist of it. 

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