Friday, October 10, 2014

Best Sex Ever

Stalwart Pioneering Toward Frontiers
(Come Out! Come Out!)

As soon as intelligence is let out to play & you actually
see it dancing like shook foil rattling and roiling over
continental divides & great plains; you can’t just  pack
it back on the farm: it’s already seen Caprice & The
Prodigal named Whim & wasted in the Garden of Delight
&  Original Spin and knows & owned it’s own Power,
happy  in it’s Bawdy Body Politic: reclaiming foibles,
fables,  warts, blunders, trials & errors and rooms for
play —so many mansions  & how else get GOOD  at it
for crying out loud?

I’m sure you’ve sensed IT  in your classroom every
once in a while at least—seen it  escape on-task
getRdone work-programmatic  trammels & baffles,
fly around & glamour-up  the discussion holy smokes
you realize the resource  you’ve been keeping under
black  plastic so to speak so that mixed meta force be
damned, sociological strawberries or anthropological
beans  or  medieval mushrooms are the only ones
allowed to grow here in this plot & all else appropriately
kept under wraps not a weedy peep out of all that
potency ;  we’re talking Local Food here  not local food
back for crying out loud: hard balls and mallets not
your upside down flamingo and hedgehog croquet.

And once a faculty sets itself  free to fool around with
itself, sparking  its intelligence & charged up by it’s
bootstraps throwing off plastic  shrouds of industrialized
discipline and grim professional-itus  don’t you know it
will flash with such light as to beget  it’s own auto-poetic
self-correcting creativity sliding like an ice-cube on it’s

own melt  across a hot curriculum?

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