Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Rigor! More Rigor! (Goethe on his death bed.)

I learned 2 words in college that stand-for my formal undergraduate
education: “homeostasis,” from my lectured, non-lab Biology course;
and “juxtaposition” from the darkened auditorium of my History of
Art course. Those 2 stick out and represent a whole for me. I make
them do that. I constitute it. They are pretty good notions. Almost
a matched  complementary pair.

On the one hand: a sense of dynamic systemic self-regulation:
the coherence we  love to celebrate. “Balance!” the kids call it and try
to themselves.  Homeostate your self for crying out loud! Get a grip!
The universe homeostatisticalizing moment to moment —don’ t you
bet? “A self-healing tautology” is how  Bateson calls IT. State of the Art
arting, I say.  S’allgood says Pope and Snoopdawg & so good sense
is always to be being made. What other operating assumption
justifies inquiry?

Juxtaposed to “homeostasis” on the other hand is “juxtaposition.”
I prefer juxtaposition to homeostasis: at least in the business of hire
education; “homeostasis” describes a state & I guess juxtaposition
does too, but I can juxtapose and can’t homeostate, know wha
I’m saying?

Homeostasis is beyond me. But I juxtapose like a son of a gun:
stick any X & Z next to each other and see how-it-is some Y or
other will certainly be revealed.  Every thing’s related, yes?
Reason begs for revelation and  any one can relate;
and relating relationships is what we do, true?  

And then we argue about it, some pre-critical thinking to establish
survival-of-the-fittest relays and relations that fit our conventions
and norms: I.E. yeug- to join: yoke and yoga, conjugate
and juxtapose.

The action of composing a juxtaposition might be described as
post-critical thinking & the crux of  the matter we call edification:
cerebral yoga, the yoking  of seemingly disparate nothing-but-
next-to-each-other phenomena—making connections. Constructing,
constituting, the making of sense  any here and now. Local knowing,
etc. Need  more terms  for this, the actual critical aspect of critical
thinking: a rough  and tumble business, yes? Noetic rugby, and the
violent bear it away.  Rip-off what’s useful and score. It’s a good
game and maybe the only one in town.  Or how would you frame it?
Critical thinking?

Specimen days: select what provokes & play with it.
Content is galore and glorious: good & plenty for critical
thinking and edification that we might could practice together
whenever we wanted to so as to get smart & smarter as well as
dumb & dumber and see how well the 2 directions are

always somehow related: homeostatically.     

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