Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Initiation of the Youth.

The Initiation of Youth

It used to be  the presbyters put on some hairy king
kong masques & danced macabre to scare the novitiate
out of their noodle noggins— ooooomygawd the coming
of sage in Peoria  was awesome and then ha ha hoo ha the
masquerade dropped and it’s merely elders eldering  &
kibitzing holy shit out of boys and girls about to become
groan-ups like them & it could take a village to raze the
chilblains, knowing better, of course, which made it
all-good: the holy smoking son of a grade-gun
rights of passing passage. 

Now it’s somewhat a nether way round: dreaded locks,
tattoos & piercing mesmerized belly-button booty works
juggling bottled  water pharma-copasetic boom-lay
drumming out hot tub hip daze of  old beatniks jiggling
pin-stripped law suits, up-taught & ripped home landed
securely helmeted inside gated communities of phdegreed
kubla  condomized diagnosers scarred & scared of HFD &
TTSS, Ebola & huck finn’s dys-ease as well as tom-tom
sawyer syndrome, raptor-rape & rampant  rapture ruptured
abuse against wellness tactics & clothes line dancing
dismay-raising conscience so as to bring it on: the leaches
& altered  native remediation programs; we’ll jog jog  to
Boston, trot trot to Maine, jog jog to Philly & back again:
shoot the other foot  loose & fancy free paedo-philadelphic

oracles not with standing. 

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