Friday, November 28, 2014

Bias & Belief; Prejudice & Conviction

The PLAY'S the Thing. BIAS & BELIEF systems
PREJUDICE & CONVICTION. Say for the sake
of argument that I am biased & prejudiced, filled
with belief and conviction regarding, race, class,
gender, body weight, religious & political frame
of mind-set—family jewels: my directional
navigational algorithms, say, sealed-in and protected
by my homeland security distant early warning bells
and whistles.

Passionate. Give me credit for passion. I am not
indifferent, say—and all my experience, facts, stats,
data, media, logic and sermons confirm my bias/belief/
prejudice/convictions— reinforce and validate because
that’s what they are good for: framing my outlook and
attitude to organize hap,(what happens) in accord with
my mind-set.

What changes my frame of mind? Reconfigures?
Recalibrates? Reforms? Maybe transforms? (I have

for the sake of argument a Monumental Ego.)

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