Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Call Attention to My Self.

I post on Facebook in order to call attention 
to myself— practice profundity, oracular
 perception, insight, provocation. Don’t have 
young children, dogs, cats to show off, baked
bread or lasagna, so I manufacture wisdom to
 display bestI can to contribute. Here’s one:

An Enemy is as Good as a Buddha. Whatever
anyone accuses me of with genuine  heartfelt
accusation: in their eyes I’m guilty and have 
no defense, nothing that would assuage  
conviction, change a sealed-in mind-set or
satisfy the principle of the thing. Turning the
other cheek sounds pious but is merely practical.  
Piety and five dollars will get me a Starbucks.

What sounds like piety to common sense is
practical to uncommon sense. Love my enemy
and neighbor: holy and impossible, but from a
whole-istic perspective: the only way to get
ahead. Conviction of Sin, Bible fraught &
awesome but  prerequisite for liberal art: them
bones gonna walk around. Crucifying the EGO  
morbid  and medieval maybe but  anyone should
be so  lucky.  To die for. Suffer in translation,
sure, how could it be otherwise practically

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