Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ivory Tower

Beyond good and evil, literal and metaphorical
symbolic and diabolic, individual and collective,
idiotic and social, conservative and liberal,
republican and democratic, parts and wholes,
digital and analogical, rational and irrational,.
logical and illogical, sense and non-sense and
no sense at all…yonder.  Like being sober at
a cocktail party, un-designated driver.

“Don’t just do something: stand there.” Father
Berrigans’s radical advice to the  activists in the
late 60’s  Sit on the fence.“To act is so easy. To
think is so hard.” This notion appeals. I like thinking
more than acting. “People are more important than
ideas” my good old man would insist me and I
agree but prefer ideas—or what’s a college for?        

External & Internal Affairs

Devils in the details. Taking Care of Business.
Fixing things—leaky faucet, war in the middle east,
income tax, violence in Ferguson,  hedges clipped,
flooding, final exams, new tires, domestic violence,
sexual abuse and racism on college campuses,  
drones, birthday presents…on the one hand.

Attitude. Overall Outlook. Frame of Mind-Set
Cerebral Citadel: my comfortification:  sealed-in
solipsistic narcissism,  impermeable, impenetrable,
homeland security system;  my point of view,
perspective, take, slant, belief & bias, prejudice
and conviction: how I  see it from where I stand –
my team spirit, my story and I’m sticking with it

on the other hand.. 

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