Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Without Contraries Is No Progress."

“Without Contraries Is No Progress”

To my Religious and Atheistic, Liberal and
Conservative, Capitalist and Socialist,
Patriarchal and Marginal, Indignant and
Nonchalant  FB fight-club foes and friends:
we argue  for the un-postponed joy of arguing—
without hope and without despair, knowing
the yearning is the Destination—not the
destination.  Win-Win. 

Mind-Set—otherwise known as belief system,
otherwise known appropriately by onlookers
as bias & prejudice. Conviction. Principles.
Attitude. Outlook.  My irrational deep grammar,
say,  beyond or prior-to rational surface wheelings
and dealings  Grounds for my good and evil,
love and hate, approval and disapproval, belief
and disbelief and voting.  Sealed-in and protected
by my homeland security bells and whistles:
impervious,  impermeable, impenetrable.  “Neither
logic nor sermons convince”—not facts, stats, data,
fancy rhetoric, men in white coats and phdegrees
or studies-show or even recent studies-show make
no never mind-set..

I bully best I can fundamentalists and atheists, liberals
and conservatives. true believers and disbelievers.
patriarchs and feminists, dualists and Unitarians,
protagonists and antagonists, Capitalists and Bernie
Sanders,  gays and straights, overt and in-the-closet
racists and xenophobes.  Narcissists and Solipsists,
vegans and carnivores, joggers and couch potatoes,
conscientious and slack dogs, complicit and cheaters,
Yankee fans and Red Sox, those who talk in class and
them that don’t,. modest and extravert, empiricists and
idealists,  logical positivists and supernaturalists,
rationalists and irrationalists.  goodies and evil-doers.

I am large. I contain multitudes.

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