Friday, July 24, 2015


(Starving Liberal Artistry)

Afflict the Afflicted:
Ignore the Comfortable.
Ought t0 be obvious.

How to make the world a better place:
Make the attitude of “humility” practical
rather than pious. Piety is nothing but
a pain in the ass. Who loves the pious?
The Practical: them are those anyone
would hang with.  Can’t get no more
practical than humble. Or savvy.

Symptom Analysis Specialists (SAS):
expert at pointing out flaws, faults,
inconsistencies, incongruities, ironies,
lies, denials, cover-ups etc in any
system—surface discrepancies galore,
mistakes and efforts, fumbles and
blunders, you name it: Symptom
Analysis Specialists will expose and
blow the whistle—one symptom after

another looky here, and here, and here.antagony

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