Monday, July 6, 2015

Beep Beep

DIALECTIC:  where  winning an 
argument is as  anti-climactic and 
useless as losing it,  as opposed to 
the  possibility if not promise of 
emerging phenomena & OMG 
revelation for crying out loud.  

Summers I spend sitting under
the Bo Tree. Others play golf, hike 
the Pacific Northwest Trail, take a
month at the lake in New Hampshire
or Cream Hill Pond in  Connecticut 
sweeping out cobwebs & mice 
droppings.  Getting in groceries. 
Ocean Grove. Checking out new
breweries in Asheville. Off to 
Disneyland with kit and caboodle.
Following the progress of Bernie 
Sanders and the trees across from
Jensen—squirrels and crows and 
sometimes buzzards circle the 
piggery and its afterbirth..  

I think I am not the boss of me. 
Along for the ride. In the kiddy
car seat driving my automobile.
Beep  Beep  (red rubber horn)
Beep Beep 

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