Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Esoterics (aka: sociopathologic)

Esoterics (aka Sociopathologic)
I don’t consternate, caterwaul,
cry havoc and unleash dogs of 
yore over the injustice, inequity, 
hate and racism, stomp for Bernie,
agonize over Trump  (ok: a little
bit--hatem) demonstrate or 
occupy or carry banners over
myn’s inhumanity to myn:

symptological concerns, surface 
and superficial infractions: poor 
we are always, and with us, and 
the Chorus abounds, ubiquitous
in the amen corner. Root of all 
evil. That’s something else. 
Course of another color.


I can’t handle the truth. I’m not the boss
of me. My so-called ratios & syllogisms:
mere minions for Irrationality & Analogic—
demi-urge, rulers & rectifiers, paraklete,
Houston Control, Mind-Set  

I suspect I’m stalwart pioneering toward
frontiers yet unknown when my smart &
savvy colleagues find me ridiculous and
decent & conscientious colleagues find me
offensive. How could it be  other wise?
Cutting-edge metric.  Ertia.

To be great is to be misunderstood  says
Emerson.  However, it don’t follow that
to be misunderstood is to be great. Or great.


  1. Was Milton another Gnostic? http://www.esoteric.msu.edu/Beitchman.html

    1. Could be. Doubt my good old white haired Nana ever gave it any thought.

    2. She was a lover of Milton?

    3. Played the upright for my father's homeless shelter messages. "What a friend I have in Jesus." etc.

    4. Probably not a lover of Milton. Why did you bring her up? Would she care that K. Thought that you can have religion while discarding all forms?

    5. To suggest the irrelevance of these weighty theological matters and distinctions to many true believers,

    6. Irrelevance of what to which kind of true believers? Heresy has always been a nuisance and major concern to orthodoxy.

    7. For many, heresy and orthodoxy are words that don't wake them at night or while they play the piano in the homeless shelter--and so: irrelevant. For others: acute concern--worth writing books about, lecturing and preaching. For some, heresy is viewed as healthy. I think we've discussed this before. Many of my Beecher ancestors were considered "heretics" and so me tried for it.

    8. Gnostic heretics are all over the place, but they want to stay hidden, all the while considering themselves the truly enlightened, above the lowly herd, smarter, with the right to distort and disdain, calling Satan good, and God (good) bad. It is a concern for everybody.

    9. If poets feel they need this sort of understanding to really dig into the human psyche, including their own, I think they can do all this discovering without twisting scripture and minds.

    10. Super dialectical reply.


    11. Here a gnostic, there a gnostic, everywhere a gnostic gnostic--but we want to remain hidden.so we can do our nefarious deeds undetected by the lowly herd. Etc. and not reveal how we twist minds and scripture toward our partisan agenda. What would be the opposite of this point of view? Turn the 2 up. Let neither win or lose. Anticipate synthesis. Dialectic.

    12. We have to know ourselves, but it does not fulfill us. Sometimes we face dilemmas, and the gnostic says whatever I choose is bad, but with the commandments you choose prayerfully what is most in accordance with them. Considering others as just part of the herd is bad. Secrecy is usually bad. Arrogance is always bad.

    13. Wretch like me: you and Carl--walking on water.

    14. Why do you have the Sphinx on top of your blog?

    15. Sphinx represents what held the City of Thebes in thrall until Oedipus came along and answered it's riddle--freeing the citizenry.

    16. "What walks on 4 legs in the morning,
      3 legs at noon, and 3 legs in the evening."

    17. "A thing there is whose voice is one;
      Whose feet are four and two and three.
      So mutable a thing is none
      That moves in earth or sky or sea.
      When on most feet this thing doth go,
      Its strength is weakest and its pace most slow."


      As he knows himself. Does not help, though.

    18. There is a Canadian movie on Netflix set in Cairo, that I enjoyed a lot. The woman was waiting for her humanitarian aid husband from Gaza. While he was delayed, a male cooworker introduces her to the city, culture and the pyramids. Her hotel has a river view. Beautiful.

    19. It's titled "Cairo Time."

      What walked on four in the morning, goes to Yoga at noon, and colors the hair in the evening.

  2. This guy, there, he looks seriously stuck, with his rear end to the sun, all those cute villages and the big tree.

  3. Stuck or break-thru looks like discovery to me.

  4. Oh, discovery. Mostly I feel the coldness of this outer realm, in comparison. One could think about the saying of having one's head in heaven and the feet firmly on the ground, but that does not fit. He is sort of groping, crawling. Can be how one discovers.

  5. When we were little we played a game like that. You came into a room blindfolded and you had to locate an item while everyone yelled hot or cold. Hot was the right way, and cold was the wrong way. We had so many fun social games.

  6. We had a stick, too, to find a pot under which the item might be located, crawling around. Did you play that?

  7. hide the penny--and people cried good gooder or evil,eviler - guidance parameters for navigating toward the hidden penny.

  8. Replies
    1. How else would be get to the hidden penny?