Sunday, July 19, 2015

Old Time Religion

“Kierkegaard showed that taking religion
seriously is compatible with being against
religion in almost all its actual forms..."
(Julian Paginni)


DESIRE- “of the stars, sidereal,
           extra terrestrial”

No satisfaction, never. Not an anomaly
or exception, mistake, flaw, fault in the
system.  Essential: no  satisfaction for
crying out loud. How could it be otherwise?  

Restless legs. Don’t fence me in. Greener
grass Somewhere else—over the rainbow.
Something Else. Other. Always. Never
satisfaction. Jog Jog to Boston, Jog Jog to
Spain. Makes good common sense. Jog Jog
to Denver and back again. Desire. It’s the
denial  and cover-up that’s toxic.  Desire.

Beyond Species Good & Evil
Evil: “up from below. Upo”
An intellectual truth. A felt truth.
There’s a difference. Imagine
appreciating the evil it takes to get
GOOD. I know, right! The denial
of the evil it takes to get Good makes
common sense and is  part of the evil
it takes to make GOOD. This  doesn’t
diminish the evil it takes—or denies it,
but exposes the limits of language
and representation and the difference
between knowing something is true
and feeling its truth. No escape. Denial
sure—but escape: not possible. It can’t
be said. Much less defended.




  3. I managed to get Martin it watch the show for his opinion. He got into it, but because of its length he slept through the last third, and when I asked him about this and that he could not recall it, but maybe I was mixing up several shows I had seen. In any case, he got interested in the Knights Templar and the Jesuits and mounted some research on them.

    The Jesuits had caught my attention, too, because of the way Resa Aslan tells his story. There is a lengthy feature interview with him on Al Jazeera, where he explains that after his conversion to Christianity, it was the Jesuits who helped him to the a-historical point of view. And therefore back to Islam. (Which by corollary must also have nothing to do with history).

    The business with Jehova being the evil Demi-urge and Satan being the good guy, one comes across more frequently now. However, usually when you challenge someone on it, they defriend you immediately.

  4. Varieties of Religious Experience and Representation -- and it makes sense everyone defends his bias & belief and considers his convictions righteous--and in most cases RIGHT means the rest are wrong. Unless, like Kierkegaard, one sees the religious concern as "against" all forms.

  5. No, I am mixing up several things about Reza. He tries to be historical about Jesus, but the gospels could not be historical. He uses sociological ideas, to fashion his own version of the history. (Must be the god in him). But religion itself, he sys in various places, never means to be historical. There. Something like that. Jesus is historical, but religion is never.

  6. The thing is that the Bible is quite real. It tells us the truth about our lot. And Jesus is amazing. And we learn we love really is. Everyone talks about love, but really they mean "where can I get the next orgasm?" Jesus is completely different and he has not been dreamt up. He is convicting and convincing.