Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Power of Bias

The Power of Bias, the
Power of Prejudice.

when man determined to destroy
himself he picked the was of shall
and finding only why crushed it
into because.

Because & affect: the age of
reasons why so it will never
happen again;  so it will never
happen again & again--my
explanations, interpretations,
assessments & evaluations:
determinations,  validations,
self-fulfilling  prophecies: I
get what I prey for, see what
I say;  told  you so--waiting
for  Gödel. Can’t get there
from here. Neither as the
crow flies nor as roads
scholar. It’s beyond me.

I haven’t graduated to the 
War on Terror yet because 
I’m committed to reaching
territory bordering the War 
on Fear, working my way
downward thru  valleys of 
Ignore-ance & Confusion  
toward frontiers yet un-
knowingly  propagating the 
rattles of Impoverishment &
Quiet Misery going on:
missions impossible. No one
is obliged to join, & any 
provocation urging 
commitment self-destructs 
within seconds after consideration.

In Her Magistery’s Service: mea 
culpa corporeal if not corporation: 
I take the blame for lack  of
imagination and what I assume 
you  might assume —all the bad
guys are always some where else, 
over the reign bows beyond the 
valley, never in loco apprentice 
downtown or right at hand. I  can
 never  put a  finger on the 
corruption seeing as it is always
like some guy in his underwear 
or a demolition expert of one
driving a car bomb. 

Evil is Elsewhere:  out there 
determined to get in,  stopped 
only by the  attention efficiency
of my home security systems.
Them self-seeking bastards  in D.C.

Gentry in Asheville! and else

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