Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Plato, My Plato

“Those who are able to see beyond
the shadows and lies of their culture
will never be understood let alone
believed by the masses.”— Plato: a
Facebook post by someone who
hates Plato with a passion yet 
loves this quote.  

Appealing: reinforces my alienation,
one-eyed in the valley of the blind. 
Of  course you can’t seewhat I see.
You’re  blind. You gonna let me tap 
out Morse Code on your forehead?
Arguing can reveal more about
relationship than agreement,
depending on if I see it’s seen to
be about  relationship and not
about trash. bills, bump in the
car door.

A  female facebooker declares
she hates Plato.  What does that
say about Plato? I’m impressed
by Trump’s humility, what does
that say about me? Oh, I agree:
looks like arrogance, no doubt—
no argument there..     

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