Saturday, November 14, 2015

To Die For

If I am indignant and appalled 
by things,actions of others, 
inactions, people, events—
it makes me feel like a good 
person. On theright side of 
the human race.

If I’m not indignant and
appalled—expressing offense
and shock and dismay:it makes
me feel  like a bad person—on
the wrong side of the human race.

“Be in the world but not of it.”
 S’Allgoodsays Snoop and  Everything 
that is is goodsays Pope. Also it’s
horrible. no doubt—noquestion about
it. Mustn’t be denied orcovered up. 
Genius, says Fitzgerald (F.Scott), is
the ability to  hold 2 opposing
views in mind without going crazy.
Suffering.Atlas  un-shrugged..

I want all things my way. 
I know better,but Want wants what 
it wants, no lie:wrestling with god 
like a son of a gun.Precarious.  Don’t 
I hold myself up tothe  light?  Of course.
My will be doneis what I want, no 
denying unless I deny it.
 . .
Which team are you on? 
Choose. Theother team: bastards, 
stupid, irrational,illogical, inhuman,
evil doers, immoral. Cowards. Rule
breakers   No  doubt.How could it be 
other wise?  Unworthy Opposition 
worth opposing. Absolutely 

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