Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vote for ME

Vote for ME

How dare me!  Who do I think I AM?
I  think—for sure. I feel—no doubt.
Xenophobic, Racist, Narcissistic,
Solipsistic. Misanthropic, Antagonistic,
Fearful and Anxious. Envious & Jealous

Feelings: the heart has its thinkings that
thinkings will deny.  Just describing here.
No whining  Is-what-it-is my students
say when they are being philosophical.

When I go into my litany of who-I-am
(fingering  beads of racism, narcissism,
solipsism, misanthropism, antagonism,
fear full & anxious, envious  & jealous…)
I’m  coming out of the closet,  my open
house, purgation:  I do it to deny denial
and cover-up. Expose myself. Stick in my
thumb, pull out a plumb. What a good boy
am I.  Description, not despair. Un-
postponed joy.

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