Friday, February 5, 2016

My Joke is Easy

Dear Dialecticians,  Humanists,
American Literati and Colleges
Across the Curriculum

Courses w/o Borders

To Get Smart and Smarter is
Why I go to college. Once was
Dumb but now not.

My Joke is easy.
Jesus said that.
He said yoke instead of joke
Yoke is what Yoga means.
Bound together –yoked.

Religion (re ligeo) means “ligamented back.”
Same deal.  Yoked.  Bless be  ties that bind.
Or blasted be.

We talked about whether no man is alone
or no, man is alone in class today. Both
alone and not alone, right? Yoked   A joke.
My classes are easy—sitting on the
dock of the bay wasting time. Make a
mess and muddle. Think. Put it
in play, see what emerges.

Not like them other classes. Taking
care of business. Stick in a thumb,
pull out a plum. A hard class is good
to find.. School and be schooled.

My joke is easy. Play and be played.

Robert Bly told a lady in Asheville
when she raised her hand to ask where
his ideas came from something like:
They are flocks of birds and they fly by
you all  knowing you won’t entertain
them and roost in my skullhaus where
there’s room in the inn. Iimmaculate