Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Conviction of Sin

Conviction of Sin

My older sister told me I was going
to be a crook when I grow up. I am. 
Crooked man. Moving violator and 
discriminator. Sam sampling specimens 
galore. Rip-off artist daily committing
crimes against convention & the 

Nailing it.Nailing it down so it don’t
wiggle while I do mybidness. Hammer 
in the morning. Hammer atnoon. Are
you there when I crucify our lord?

Crows harass the hawk, for example: 
long-time resident in trees across 
from Jensen. She screamsregularly
over the years.  Crows  buzz her flight
south  toward Laursen  Administration 
Complex,one on each side—flapping 
interference.  Bullies.Two against one. 
Inter-species  animosity.  

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