Monday, May 16, 2016

The Lame Shall Enter First

The Lame Shall Enter 
First Church of the Crippled

Pedagogy for the Depressed and  Manic,
and for the Bingers and  Purgers and 
Body-Dysmorphic for the Cutters and 
Hoarders,  Joggers & Bottle-Water
Drinkers,  the Obsessive & Compulsive, 
Anxious & Panicing —Bulimic & Anorexic,
Restless Legs & Insomniac, Attention
Deficient & hyperactive, Authority-Resistant
& Rebellious without Causation, Enervated 
and Catatonic, Seasonal Affective Disordered, 
Allergic,Socially Awkward & Agoraphobic, 
Disillusioned & Demoralized—all varieties and manifestations of the same cerebral & affective 
3 chord progression (I, IV, V) generating infinite
numbers of surface symptoms seemingly 
different and  yet all E Unum Pluribus
bless our hearts. All in the family

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