Friday, June 29, 2007

Attention Deficit Disorder

The Media is the Message
not message:
message is
merely massage.

Simplified parse tree  PN = proper noun N = noun V = verb NP = noun phrase RC = relative clause VP = verb phrase S = sentence

Teaching Critical Thinking: a way of talking
fashionable a few years ago before sustainability
took over & became Word of words.


Walking on 3 Legs (presbyterianism)

I’ve groan stupid & try to make virtue of it. I used
to be smart but it’s slip sliding away & I yield to
the temptation to see smart as stupid now;
stupid as smart: it’s smart to be stupid,
I say: stupid to be smart.

Watching the dancers compete. Hips don’t lie. Giving
it all & the judges say: work harder, bring it up a
level—or good bye. My middle-aged daughter
races mountain bikes downhill weekends
when she isn’t showing horses or
showing show-ers who show
horses how to show. I’m
walking on 3 legs.

Then, of course, you can make it more interesting
by considering the buffalo in the Buffalo zoo, the
Buffalo buffalo. And their peculiar way of buffalo-
ing other Buffalo buffalo, so peculiar that, like the
Tennessee waltz which you do by Tennessee waltzing,
they Buffalo-buffalo those other Buffalo buffalo:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
Buffalo buffalo.

[Willam J. Rapaport
Associate Professor
of Computer Science
Center for Cognitive

The content, topic, token
object & subject matter of
which I speak on any “this”
& “that” in linear sequence
bottom-line one word at a
time almost always veils
the eternal constellating
hierarchical grammatical
structure of relationship
governing conversation
in ways similar to how-
it-is watching a basket-
ball game sweeps me into
floor-action blinding me to
redundant game rules &
pattern structures always
shaping play like a tattoo
so that if I’ve seen one
I’ve seen them all but listen
critically anyway as if
This is It
& pay attention to words
knowing better: winning
wars & losing the battle
all over again & again..


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