Sunday, July 1, 2007

Meat Puppets

1940’s puppeteering:
fast walking loud-talking
black & white theatrics
on silver screens: style
stereotyping each scene
a symphony in cigarette
smoke clouds, unknowing
static eyes lighting a room
in retro-spect suffering the
evolution of post modern
paradigmatic shifts of fashion.

What do I look like?
Have to look backwards
to see. Didn’t I walk funny.
And a hat! Ridiculous, old

Imagine conditions of
environ-mentalism that
allow anyone to wake
in the morning & say:
I believe I’ll go down
town to pierce the navel.

Time for a stud through
the tongue, American
Flag across the back,
Jesus, Gautama, Fidel,
Madonna, Grand Canyon.
Whatever I want and like.

It’s that: not only can I,
but that the idea would
flap in: an annunciation
& news to me; will I nill
I honor this gift of choice
rising numinous from eco-
logical generators, meat-
puppet parameters symptom-
captivating environ-mental
manipulations shaping my
margins for error & rooms
for play & I believe it was
my idea in the first place.


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