Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Introduction to Linguistic

AIM & Objective: to talk out
of 2 sides of my mouth at once.
Maybe 3, tops.

Cleavage cuts & binds, severs &
joins & nothing is lost not even
harrowing weather stitching in
time, tonguing the great divide so
to speak: mediator turning trickster,
articulator cleaving a beast with 2
backs right at the joints: minimum
blood & gristle; butcher’s boy, cuts
like a knife & savors the sever &
parting & parts it sanctions.


A universe
comes into
being when
space is
severed or
taken a

The skin
of a living
being cuts
off an outside
from an inside.

By tracing the way we represent
such a severance, we begin to
reconstruct with an accuracy and
coverage almost uncanny, the
basic forms under-lying linguistic,
mathematical, physical, and bio-
logical science, and begin to see how
the familiar laws of our own experience
follow inexorably from the original act
of severance.
The kindest cuts of all
ripped of from G. Spencer Brown,
his Laws of Form

I am a fundamentalist.

I take things literally.

I take it all literally:
as opposed to NOT.


Right there: the cut,
severance: a distinction
drawn between taking
IT literally within & NOT
literally without.

I take IT literally.

Severance: a
doubling yields 2
for the price of one
sacrifice. Nothing to
lose: much to gain.

Cut IT in 2.

See how
they run,
see how
they roll.

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