Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am a lecturer who lectures
against lecturing, power-pointer
pontificater positing spontaneity,
control addict counseling creativity:

Abandon & release, I say, let it go
let it be: imploring students to think
for them selves & prepare for the final.

Study hard, I admonish.
Work for the night is coming.

I bash rationality reasonably
and worry about being
that is not
what I meant!
That is not it, at all!

To arrive at the
simplest truth, as
Newton knew and
practiced, requires
years of contemplation.

Not activity
Not reasoning
Not calculating
Not busy behavior of
any kind.
Not reading.
Not talking
Not making
an effort.
Not thinking.
Simply bearing in mind
what it is one needs
to know.

[G. Spenser Brown: Laws of Form]

Write that down.

It will be on my Psychology of
Contemplation examination:
what it takes to arrive at
the simplest truth. and
know it like a virgin
as if for the first

xxxooo, Presbyter

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