Friday, July 27, 2007

I Always Choose the Lesser of 2 Evils

I always choose what appears to be
the lesser of 2 evils. I got it down,
reduced thank god: this evil or that
evil, and then it's a merely a matter
of choosing the lesser. It also turns
out that less is more and it remains
to be seen. Size matters & I'm not
too good at measuring the assess-
ability my assessment is in, damnit.
But I persist in my ways, assuming
I'll get wise.

I’m always going to be choosing
the lesser evil though it’s never
clear whether I’m doing it or not:
it may well be I’m doing the
greater, damnit, despite
choosing the choice of
choosing of the lesser.

Size matters & I wonder: what
to call the 2 evils-in-general that
one is going to be the lesser of?

Can I name them the Dominant
& the Sub-ordinate or if that’s
presumptuous might I character
I’s the contexts that determine:
this evil will be boss & this other
one: slave, the distinction serving
me in good stead; or is it always
contingent and circumstantial—
who’s on top & who’s on bottom?
So I can choose the lesser,
bottom-line, fundamentalist


(not to be collapsed, conflated,
confusedwith Ethic Mode)

I mean to rub-a-dub scrub “evil”
connotations off the evil word
because what’s in a word beside
what I put in there…

(I.E. upo: “under,” “up from
under,” “over” from which
we get super, superior, sirloin
& sovereign: sum, summit &
soprano as well as somersault
—all in the


“evil” family: relative)

…so as to let evil be merely
descriptive of the bottom-t0-top

so as to be over-all

is what evil indicates so that
the lesser becomes greater
in time, bottom-line to top
of mourning to you; who
ever’s down becomes up,
valley so low, mountain
so high & stuff like that.

Evil Going On.

I mean to choose the lesser
evil seeing as it’ll rise to the
top eventually if evil is as
evil does: doing it’s evil job.
Who wouldn’t? Some times
I’m up going down, some
times down going up if evil
has its way & not mistaken,
misconstrued, misappropriated,

& the Damned
Moral Sense

as Mark Twain characterized it,
one myn’s evil: another myn’s
good & see: there’s the larger
problem right there and which
is the lesser? So I can chose it.

Unless I conjure up from below
an Absolute noggin-notion in
which case greater & lesser are
merely relative & related kissing
kin if not Siamese twins: a culture
convenience & convention: better
watch out, better not pout.

Still, and never the less:
what are they?
The 2 evils.
Of which one will be
lesser & one greater
& the idea: always
to choose the lesser
if I can make it out,
out, damnit.

This is a humanities-division
question. Neither Science nor
Art need apply. Maybe Art if
it agrees to be ART & not inert.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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