Thursday, July 26, 2007

Separation of School and church&state

Dear Colleagues,

Separation of

and Church & State

School is the proper separator
separating Church & State—
unless conflated, collapsed
and confused by either,
reducing a triad to
a double bind;
anyone: caught between
devil & hard place, rock
& deep blue sees it’s doubt
full on the one hand and then
ambiguous on the other and
which one’s boss today?
Doubt or Ambiguity?

Can you see how practically
impossibly useful School-Mode
can be if not subjected to either
Church or State but always a 3rd
party-going-on to watch & wait &
wonder…what? what the? what
the hey? Questioning every thing
or what’s a college for?

“We are sent into the world
of contradiction; when we
soar away from it into spheres
where it appears fathomable
to us, then we evade our task.”
Martin Buber

State & Church

“That’d go over like a fat in church,”
my Bangor roommate would say, if
one managed to slip-out a poem in
school time like some jonathan swift
among schoolers’ school-work going
on, fooling around with any Idea helter
skelter, indiscrete & indiscriminate mix
of moods, modes & modalities what god
has sundered yet no myn tells a part
running their busy-ness as usual among
buildings & groundling worship of funding
& forms, compliance appliances careful to
clean up Swannanoa gatherings, refurbish
a pool, figure out strategic planning &
replace- mental personal, big-time donors
& little: all the over head & keep-it-up
up-keep it takes to do liberal arts if not the
liberal art, not that there’s probably much
perceived difference to be told or shown
between the 2 over the years confused,
conflated, collapsed. A display closet case
in Jensen, maybe: testimony under lock & key,
mind on a page: freeze-dried sustainable
sleeping beauty always waiting
a kiss in school or out-of-it.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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