Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A Crucial Distinction:
A Great Divide

Sure, I am half-assed & I admit it.
It's a turning of the OTHER cheek,
the one rarely kissed, if not ignored
completely--and there's no defense,

damnit: just a turning and a
turning, prancing cheek to
cheek. I wish I could make
it pretty. Dance it or
sing. I try but I
can not.

We can
Put a Myn on the Moon!


Description and Prescription:

Can you tell the difference between
the 2? (I mean to patronize here.)

Well: can you tell the difference

patronizing & matronizing?

(Now, I’m probably matronizing;
but can you tell the difference?)

Describe-mode on the one hand
(patronizing). Prescribe-mode
on the other hand (matronizing)

It’s the same difference as the
difference between
(literally: the view, see)
& Ethic:
(how we ratio & rate the view:
rationalize, value, sort, select
& reject what we like or don’t:
o that’ll never do, never do at all
—etc. Assess- mentalism)

Morals, call it: our mores, cultural
relatives and their relativities: our
goods & evils: matronizing the

Consider: the difference between
diagnosis and recommendation,
between an absolute & its related
diversities (variations on a theme),
put in play the difference between
patronizing & matronizing: pattern
language & whatsamatter!


on the one hand &
the ways we talk about it,
(let me count them.)
on the other


Matronization Rules.

Perhaps most importantly,
since prescriptive rules are
so psycho-logically un-
natural that only those with
access to the right schooling
can abide by them: they
serve as shibboleths,
differentiating the elite
from the rabble. (Pinker)

No taxi cab breaks
the laws of physics,
though maybe the
laws of North Carolina

“Most prescriptive rules of
the English language mavens
make no sense on any level.
They are bits of folklore that
originated for screwball
reasons several hundred years
ago and have perpetuated
themselves ever since. For as
long as they have existed,
speakers have flouted them,
spawning identical plaints
about the imminent decline
of language century after
century…. ” (Pinker)

there’s a GAP between
how-it-is & how we talk
about it, an abyss between
hap & happy, logic & ana-
logic, between describing
& prescribing, absolute &
all soaking wet, between
the view & habitats of
Humania: our convenient
conventions & traditions.

A great divide & crucial
distinction but patronizing
will never whip matron-
izing (take a battle here
and there, maybe even
regularly but never ever
win the War.)

Still and all:
we can put
a myn on
the moon!

xxxooo, Presbyter

(& Steven Pinker's
The Language Instinct
How the Mind Creates Language)

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