Friday, August 17, 2007

The Courage of Coming Out

Colleague From Hell

but love me!
love me!

I don’t have
the courage
to teach.

Dr Kalinowski said what
I would have if I had the
courage: we need to be
educating for the 21st

Would that be a matter
of Content? Information?
Frame-of-Mindset? Attitude?
Reformatting? Reformation?
Reconfiguration of the
contexts of "educating"?

Forest Ecology for crying
out loud.

Our age is post-literate, neo-oral.
Need we argue? We can. Right
here 24/7/365--as like never
before. How much does it
cost? A family that brays
together stays together.

I cried in Dead Poets Society.
Back in the 80’s and then again
yesterday in Fellowship Hall. I
don’t have the courage, damnit.

Fear in a handful of must.

The Promise of Paradox
To Know as We are Known
Let Your Life Speak: other
titles by Parker Palmer. His
motif: education is a spiritual
journey. Listen for your voice
of vocation.

Socrates called IT his Idios Daemon,
private genius, tutelary spirit,
paraclete. Do you believe
in "angels"?


Opposite of a profound truth
is another profound truth.
Opposing a trivial truth:
a contradiction.

There are two kinds of truth,
small truth and great truth.
I can recognize a small truth
because its opposite is a false
hood. The opposite of a
great truth is another truth.

The opposite of a correct
statement is an incorrect
statement; the opposite
of a fact = falsehood

There are trivial truths and
the great truths. The opposite
of a trivial truth is plainly false.
The opposite of a great truth is
also true.

(variations on Neils Bohr,
or else urbane legend)

Contradiction on the one hand
Paradox on the other. Can I put
them in play? May I? Speak out
of 2 or— better: 3 sides of my
mouth at the same more or less time?
Squeezing contradiction & paradox
into a ball & rolling it toward some
over whelming universe?

My Luciferous Lucid Dreams

reflected on
getting them
all on the same
pages from the
start and may
be no child
left behind.”

(from “Daze of Whine
& Brown Gnosis”)

Richard Nixon
repeatedly insisted:
“Let me make one
thing perfectly clear,”
over & over.

And so: if I make it
all perfectly clear to
my students, eliminating
ambiguity, uncertainty,
indeterminacy, room for
confusion, margins for
error & play, that’ll
do it.

Retain them.

My dead lines:
perfectly clear:
how I tame the
call of the wild.
Clarity uber alles
Nothing but good
intentions need

“Clarity is not a virtue. If
everything you say is detailed
and explicit, you won’t give
your collaborators room to

Put ideas out there that are
half-baked, ideas where
you’re not even sure
what it means yet. Put yourself
in an environment
that rewards failure.
Creativity is risky; successful creative
are also the ones who fail the
most often. Creativity is inefficient.

(Keith Sawyer’s Group Genius:
The Creative Power of Collaboration.)

If I only had one million dollars for
the Advancement of Liberal Art…

I like Paula Garrett’s good spirit!

Every conception is immaculately
conceived. Where do new ideas
come from? Flap in like storks?
A precious bundle down the

Robert Bly told an Asheville audience
when someone asked “where do you
get your ideas?”

It’s like a bunch of birds fly around,
fly around, passing over every one
with no room in the inn. I got some;
they know that: so they come roost.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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