Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quality of Life and Faculties Sustainability IIsues

Quality of Life Issues

All my life-as-a-teacher
I have felt fraudulent,
waiting to be exposed,
my IDHD: information
deficiency hyper dys-ease.


Saved from Blackmail.
Victim & Victimizing.
Blackmailed and

Me & My Self: Reservoir Dogs
with grade-guns. Got me covered
covering: me covering me covering
me. Self-reciprocating fraudulence.
Don't make a false move, Sam.

My Cheating Heart

Can you imagine these as GOOD
DESCRIPTIVE terms for us and
what we do? Suspend willfully for
a moment your belief & disbelief &
simply delight in the duplicity of our
always GOOD intentions what ever
the outcome because even my bad
intentions I assume are GOOD-for-me
overall as far as I can tell; how could it be
other wise?

Can I imagine doing something I
thought was BAD (whatever any
one else thinks)? I’m always at
any be-here-now moment:
& as Plato says: No one does
Wrong Knowingly.

Of course I deceive my self.
That goes without saying &
needs to be said over & over.

The diminutive of

“Doubting,” scrubbed of it’s
culturally relative connotations
is (descriptively): doubling,
is all.

Boil &
fire burn &
cauldron bubble.

I live in a duplicitous whirl.
I’m not judging, just describing.
Me & Myself: dupe & duper.
Dupe & Be Duped. Deceive
& Be Deceived.

Poe’s Master master-mind, the guy
who could out-dupe the Duper, was
named August Dupin:
“Magnificent Double-er.”
Proto-type for Sherlock Holmes:
the Great Figure-IT-outer.

Whom would I rather buy a used car from:

Victor Virtue (I’ll fix you and your little
lady up with a good deal. You’ll love it!)

Harold from Hell (ok: I promise I’ll do
what I can to sell you the least amount of
car for the most money)

Who am I going to trust?

Connie Clarity: “Look, here’s what
we’re doing this semester:


Inez Indeterminate: “Well, I’m required
to hand you a syllabus but I’m not sure
how far we’ll get—or where. It
always depends.”

Who am I going to doubt?

Double Bind

On the one hand
on the other hand, too

CHOOSE one or the other:
put them both In Play.

Play & Be Played
(ludic, ludicrous) damnit.

The opposite is also true:
Delude & Be Deluded

What a FRAUD I am!
Doubler. Doubter. I’m not
condemning my self. Good
gracious no. Just describing:
prerequisite to considering
my Liberal Art: the Quality
of Life & Development of
my Faculties issues.

Sexy stuff! Grant Worthy.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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