Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to Love & Flourish & Develope the Faculties?

Dear Colleagues,

Genius is Always
the Enemy of Genius

(R.W. Emerson)

Keep RETREAT alive & well
on FacultyL

"Mere purposive rationality
unaided by such phenomena as
art, religion, dream and the like
is necessarily pathogenic and
destructive of life and its virulence
springs specifically from the
circumstances that life depends
upon interlocking circuits of
contingencies while consciousness
can only see the short arcs of such
circuits as human purpose may direct."
Gregory Bateson:
Steps to an Ecology of Mind.

We the Faculty: heart and soul
resource of learning, mothering
& fathering, generating the
growing of liberal art
where the rubber
meets the road.

OK: staff and administration,
too. Of course: Our Faculties.

Faculties Development:

the primordial ongoing priority, and prior
to student development the same way egg
precedes chicken, differentiation precedes
integration, existence precedes essence,
ontogeny & phylogeny recapitulate &
contented cows release Bordens Milk.

Depraved: we talk talk talk the other way
round: all student-this and student-that, their
wellness & study skills and service trips and
international experience and diversity, sexual
safety, enough majors to attract & enough
clarity & consistency to retain.

Chicken is in the saddle
and rides mankind.


Faculties Development
or do you call it
Professional Development?

Right there, I bet: a difference
that makes a difference—
between sexy & not so.

Travel Allowances.

I would live extravagantly
—in extra-vagance, says
Thoreau squatting at
Walden Pond.

I would fly to Cincinnati,
present a paper, participate
on a panel, hook up
professionally at
the cash bar in
the Sunset
Lounge of
the airport

I would release my time
to sabbatical-ize: languish,
lie fallow and let loose
the cogs of chore.

I would publish
I would perish
I would publish
perishable public-
ations perish


To Flourish:

Encourage & Sustain Local Food and
food-back: developing our faculties with
what’s on hand: our cerebral & affective
noetic Gold’s Gym

I must,
I must,
I must improve my trust

Gymnasium: European for “school
literally means “naked training.”

xxxooo, Colleague from Hell

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