Monday, August 20, 2007

How to Build An Ice Cream Parlor in Hell (Faculties Development, cont.)*

The Liberal Art

Faculties Development

How do you build an ice cream
parlor in hell—without threatening
the natives or diminishing their
infernal values, simultaneously
sustaining differences in the
environment of both domains
as neither to melt-down the
nor freeze-up the other.

Something like that. You can improve
my terms, but maybe maintain the
structural differentiation &
distinction—that triad.

(name this often excluded middle
govern-ator & regulator)
(X) Hell (Z) I.C. Parlor

(We all scream for ice cream, true?)


Cultivating the culture of gardening:
hortus conclusus, an enclosed space,
a paradise: pairi daeza—surrounding
clay wall: “paradigm”—a showing,
a model, exemplar.

The word “chorus” and “court,”
“cohort” and “cortege”: all
etymologically relate
to the IDEA of an
enclosed place:

I.E. gher2 –a garden.

Cultivation: from I.E. kwel1 : to
revolve, move around, sojourn,
dwell at the same time within a
circumscribed place, to cultivate
a culture cultivating its cultural


body of vocalists and dancers who
support the soloists and leading actors,
a group of persons who speak or sing
a given part in unison, body of actors
whose choric performance comments
upon and accompanies the action of
the play.

In Greek theatre, actors were called
hypocrites (hupokrisis: to play a role,
to answer one’s fellow actor) and wore
large masks with megaphones in the
mouth piece called personae: a sound-
thru (per + sonic) so their noise & news,
sound & fury would be amplified for the
audience (obedient: leaning-in to listen)

A person is literally a sound-thru &
hypocrite, voicing the lines of the play.
And the choir and chorus: horticultural
reinforcement—growing the culture.
Local food.

The “liberal” in liberal art is from
I.E. leudh2 : to mount up, grow.

How does My Garden Grow?

I’m under considerable Gutenberg
stress, swimming in a post-literate
environ-mentality beyond my comfort
zone; me: horti-cultural laggard, mole
in a neo-oral new tradition. Can you
hear me now?
See me?

I sign my name: X. Don’t know the first
(I was going to say) letter of the alphabet.

@TEOTD LHM I am OTL & surrounded
by chorus: in the choir but not of it: choir
& be choired; the buzz of cicadae &
innumerable cross pollinators cross
pollinating cross political politeness:
correct me if I’m wrong or what’s
a colleague for?

How can we remember
well our ignorance which
our growth requires who
have so often to be using
abusing our knowledge?
(HD Thoreau, slightly

xxxooo, Colleague from Hell

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